Looking Beyond Flint: Groundbreaking Monitoring Solutions

ANDalyze, an Imagine H2O 2016 Finalist, offers an accurate, fully automated soulution for municipal water operators to continually measure lead levels.

By now, everyone has heard about the devastating water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Ageing infrastructure, budget cuts and inadequate oversight set in a motion a public health disaster of inconceivable proportions. Failure in large part stemmed from Flint’s inability to effectively monitor lead levels. ANDalyze, an Imagine H2O 2016 Finalist, has developed a breakthrough DNA enzyme sensor technology to provide accurate, cost-effective and fully automated testing of heavy metals in the field and in real-time. Deployment of this technology could have helped Flint sound the alarm much earlier and will play an instrumental role in our efforts to prevent contamination of our drinking supply in the future.

ANDalyze’s hand-held meter and sensors can test for lead in drinking water down to concentrations of two parts per billion. With support from the US Department of Energy, the company is now launching an automated monitoring and process control product for municipal water operators to test and monitor lead and a range of heavy metals across an entire water delivery network. The product is scheduled for testing around the world in both the municipal water and mining sectors. 

Flint is not the only municipality that faces a lead contamination problem. Across the U.S., lead piping and equipment is still widely used for our water distribution. As reported by Lux Research, there are 3.3 million utility lines and 6.4 million connections containing lead across the country. While replacing the infrastructure will require significant time and investment, ANDalyze’s products offer cost-effective solutions to monitor and measure contamination today. What occurred in Flint was entirely preventable—by deploying technologies like those offered by ANDalyze, we can protect public health and help water authorities prevent future tragedies.  

If you are interested in learning more and partnering with ANDalyze, please contact Marty Dugan (mdugan@andalyze.com) or visit www.anadalyze.com.