Innovators tackling the drought

Dropcountr is working to allow consumers and utilities alike to see their water use and monitor their performance over time. Through a mobile-first format, customers can keep tabs on their use, and utilities can contact them directly with ways to improve their water habits, for example.

Fruition Sciences: As the drought threatens California’s world-class wine industry, Fruition Sciences has a revolutionary technology that allows vineyards to optimize their water use by “listening” to the vine’s water needs. The technology monitors how much water the vine is losing through monitoring the sap flow, improving quality and yields while reducing irrigation requirements. 

InfoSense: Millions of dollars a year are wasted by unnecessary maintenance of water pipes, when often right next door, blockages and floods are waiting to happen. With their cheap, portable, acoustic screening tool, InfoSense are helping utilities better target their maintenance activities, meaning water continues to flow when we need it most.

mOasis: What if you could add a safe substance to the soil that would allow growers to maximized crop yields and conserve water? With Bountigel, that is exactly what mOasis have done. BountiGel holds excess water near the seeds or roots and releases it as soil dries resulting in less plant stress and significantly higher crop yields while reducing farm water needs.

Nexus eWater: Bringing the future of water recycling to the home, the eWater Recycler is the world's first integrated water and heat recycling solution. The eWater Recycler offers an affordable, reliable solution to on-site domestic water recycling and wastewater heat recovery saving the user water, energy and money.

Precision Hawk offers a fully autonomous UAV performing low altitude aerial data collection and subsequent data management and analysis.

TerrAvion: California’s farmers are using TerrAvion’s real-time aerial imagery service for agriculture to optimize their water deployment to improve crop yields and improve operational efficiency. As they put it, TerrAvion’s Overview technology helps farmers make more money, while helping them run around less. Sounds good.

Valor Water Analytics: Winner of Imagine H2O’s Early Stage Track in 2015, Valor’s team is working with utilities to collect, organize and provide actionable insights from water data. They have cutting-edge customer sales analytics software that allows water utilities to address revenue risk, affordability, and supply management.

WaterSmart Software: With another $7m from its investors, WaterSmart is helping utilities influence their customers to reduce water consumption. On each utility bill, WaterSmart provides consumers with a view of how they’re doing relative to their neighbors. This “nudge” has led to savings to users of 1.5m gallons of water, $8.6m and 29,000 tons of CO2.

Wellntel: Without knowing how much groundwater is at the bottom of your well, managing your consumption to avoid running dry can be a huge challenge. Wellntel is the first ever groundwater information system for homeowners and farmers alike. It measures water levels and other data from your water and displays it online and on your mobile device, allowing you to manage your well system accurately.