Recent media coverage

Business Wire, September 27, 2016 GE Expands Digital Water Capabilities with Launch of Software Solutions, Announces Partnerships

WaterWorld, September 16, 2016 Water Data Startups Invited to Apply to Imagine H2O's 8th Annual Accelerator

ABC 6 News, September 15, 2016 Lead in Water: St. Paul Schools Delayed Fixes

FastCo.Exist, June 14, 2016 How Rain Forecast Via Text Can Help Farmers in the Developing World

TechCrunch, June 14, 2016 Startup Battlefield participant Valor Water raises $1.6M

TechCrunch, April 20, 2016 PrecisionHawk raises $18 million to bring drones safely into U.S. airspace

World Water, April 1, 2016 Exciting Future for Big Data Solutions

The Sunday Times, March 27, 2016 Dow Backs UCD Clean-Water Firm

SFGate, March 22, 2016 White House summit focuses on aggressive, new ways to save water

WaterWorld, March 17, 2016 Water Innovation Accelerator Showcases Promising Startups 

San Jose Mercury News, February 29, 2016 Silicon Valley is Tackling the Drought 

The Week, January 21, 2016 How to innovate out of a drought 

Levi Strauss & Co. Unzipped, January 15, 2016 Q&A with Scott Bryan, President, Imagine H2O 

Sustainable Brands, January 14, 2016 Companies Turning to Big Data, Microbes to Help Increase Crop Yields

Sustainable Brands, January 13, 2016 Startups Selected as Water Data Challenge Finalists 



PRNewsWire, October 26, 2105 Israeli Startup Aquarius Spectrum Raises $2.2.M from Hutchison, October 1, 2015 Startup Valor Water Turns On Silicon Valley Tech For Public Water Utilities, September 11, 2015 Southern California Watershed Authority to Deploy Conservation Tech

GreenBiz, July 31, 2015 It's not science fiction: Water tech can keep California Golden

TechCrunch, June 22, 2015 Turning Water Challenges into Business Opportunities

Sacramento Bee, May 1, 2015 Nexus eWater: Turning to Shades of Gray in Search for More Water

Benzinga, April 14, 2015 mOasis Hits New Milestones as Drought Persists

Wall Street Journal, April 7, 2015 WaterSmart Raises $7M to Help Utilities Save Water

TechCrunch, March 2, 2015 Valor Water Helps Utilities Keep the Water Running



Mashable, November 2, 2014 California's Water Innovation Problem

Fortune, Aug 11, 2014 Can Technology help us survive California's Drought?

Nightly Business Report, Aug 7, 2014 The Water Worry is On in California

CNBC, Aug 6, 2014 Silicon Valley Aims to Help Drought-Stricken California

GreenBiz, August 4, 2014 10 companies making waves in water innovation

Delta Sky Magazine, July 1, 2014 Conserving Water with Blue Tech

Modern Farmer, June 26, 2014 Making it Rain: California entrepreneurs try to design their way out of the California Drought

WaterWorld, June 11, 2014 Interview with COO Scott Bryan and Imagine H2O teams at ACE14

WaterTech Online, June 2, 2014 Imagine H2O Announces Infrastructure Challenge

Mashable, May 7, 2014 Startups Aim to Solve California's Water Woes

AgFunder, April 1, 2014, Winners of Water Security Startup Competition

CNN, March 22, 2014 Drought-ravaged California turns to tech for help

re/code, March 20 2014, New Tech Helps Some Farmers Save Water

Climate One, March 20, 2014 Can technology save us from the drought?

San Francisco Chronicle, March 19, 2014 New tech helps some farmers save water

The Guardian, February 27, 2014 Test water with lasers, know the results in minutes

The Guardian, February 20, 2014 Startup makes green fertilizer from grocers' garbage

The Guardian, February 5, 2014 Water startup aims to green manure at factory farms

GigaOM, January 31, 2014 Amidst drought and growing population, water tech quietly emerges



WaterTech Online, October 8, 2013 Grundfos to sponsor Imagine H2O Food and Agriculture Program

WaterTech Online, July 23, 2013 Imagine H2O names 10 water experts to its Scientific Advisory Council

The Guardian, July 16, 2013 The scientists and startups converting waste water into clean energy

Food Logistics, June 2013 Issue Imagine H2O Addressing Water Challenges in Food Supply Chain

Wall Street Journal, May 14, 2013 DloHaiti Taps VC Funding as it Brings Haiti Clean Water and Jobs

Environmental Leader, May 3, 2013 Water Innovation Competition Pairs Startups, Food Companies

KQED, May 1, 2013 Agriculture Conference Taps Silicon Valley for Water Solutions

The Guardian, April 23, 2013 Commercialising water: the challenges of making technology pay, April 15, 2013 Putting the Entrepreneur into WASH

Southern Nevada Water Authority News, January 14, 2013 WaterSmart Innovations announces strategic partnership with IH2O

FastCo.Exist, January 7, 2013 3 Companies That Could Change The Way We Use Water



Wired, October 21, 2012 The Vine Nerds

Sacramento Bee, July 29, 2012 Viewpoints: Water technology can shield state from drought

MarketWatch, June 19, 2012 WaterSmart Closes Second Round of Funding

Inc Magazine, June 8, 2012 Business Opportunities in Water Conservation

Worth Magazine, The Blue Issue. Rescuing the Blue (Print only)

TechRockies, March 29, 2012 New Sky Energy Wins Prize

Wall Street Journal, March 23, 2012 Aussie Start-Up Bilexys Wins Contest To Imagine Water’s Future

National Geographic, March 22, 2012 Spinning Wastewater into Gold

Wall Street Journal, February 7, 2012  PasTechGroup’s Green Double Play: Make Renewable Energy While Cleaning Wastewater



TechCrunch, May 18, 2011 WaterSmart Raises $900,000 To Help Utilities Promote Efficiency

Cleantech Republic, April 1, 2011 Imagine H2O, un tremplin pour les start-ups innovantes dans le domaine de l’eau

Sustainable Business, March 28, 2011 Hydrokinetic Turbine Company Wins Imagine H20 Award

A Smarter Planet (by Tamin Pechet), March 25, 2011 Sparking Water Innovation

River Network, March 24, 2011 Imagine H2O Water Technology Prizes Awarded

Water Canada, March 23, 2011 Water-Energy Wins in San Francisco

Reuters, March 22, 2011 Canal-Based Turbines, Energy from Wastewater Win Water-Tech Prizes

International Herald Tribune, March 22, 2011 Modernizing the water industry for a thirsty planet

CNET News, March 22, 2011 On World Water Day, a look at water-energy tech

GreenBiz, March 22, 2011 Canal-Based Turbines, Energy from Wastewater Win Water-Tech Prizes

SmartPlanet, March 22, 2011 Water’s energy potential highlighted on World Water Day

New York Times, March 21, 2011 Water's Scarcity Spells Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

New Energy News, March 21, 2011, Current Energy Wins Big

GOOD, March 18, 2011 Turning Grease Into Gold; Two Startups Making Big Leaps in Biofuels

ZDNet, March 18, 2011 Three Green Water Startups You Should Watch

Tech Flash, March 18, 2011 Seattle startup Hyrdrovolts wins Imagine H2O competition, $20k

GeekWire, March 17, 2011 Hydrovolts wins Imagine H2O competition with innovative turbines

TechCrunch, March 17, 2011 Hyrdovolts Wins Imagine H2O Prize


2009 - 2010

TreeHugger, December 21, 2010 Future of Water Technology Highlighted by Finalists for Imagine H2O Competition

TechCrunch, December 16, 2010 Ten Water Tech Startups To Watch, All 2010 Imagine H2O Competition Finalists

Water Canada, December 16, 2010 Imagine H2O Finalists Announced

Venture Beat, October 14, 2010 Imagine H2O and VLAB Present Blue Tech: Is Water's Dry Spell Over?

Water Canada, November 14, 2010 The Networked Field

GreenBiz, May 20, 2010 $100K for Winning Startup that Cracks the 'Water-Energy Nexus'

GreenBiz, March 30, 2010 When Cleantech Meets Water

San Francisco Chronicle, March 19, 2010 In Napa, a new path to using less water

Reuters, March 8, 2010 Vineyard breakthrough wins water startup prize

Cleantech Group, March 8, 2010 Fruition Sciences Takes Imagine H2O's Top Honors

Portland Business Journal, February 5, 2010 Seeking a Global Water Prize

Water in the Works, January 6, 2010 Imagine H2O Finalists Announced

H2O Report, January 6, 2010 Imagine H2O Finalists Announced – Water in the Works

GreenBiz, December 23, 2009 Water Prize Finalists Awash with Innovative Ideas

TriplePundit, November 6, 2009 Imagine H2O Prize Competition to Drive Water Innovation

Blue Living Ideas, October, 16, 2009 Imagine H2O: Turning The World's Water Problems Into Opportunities

Business Boomer, October 15, 2009 - Green, Sustainable Consumer-Facing Businesses Show

Greentech Media, September 1, 2009 A Technology Contest for Water Experts

PE Hub, September 1, 2009 - New Incubator for Water Startups  Login

PE Hub, August 21, 2009 - A Call for Better Water Tech  Login

[Radio] Dave Egbert's Living Green, August 8, 2009 - Episode 3

GOOD, Summer 2009 (The Water Issue) Now What?

San Francisco Chronicle, July 4, 2009 New Technology Addresses Global Water Needs

TriplePundit, May 8, 2009 Launch of Imagine H2O Encourages Innovation in Water

Reuters, May 7, 2009 H2O Prize Aims to Cultivate Water Start-ups

San Francisco Business Times, May 6, 2009 S.F. nonprofit starts water plan contest

WaterTech, May 6, 2009 Competition on Water Efficiency Issues Launched

San Francisco Chronicle, May 5, 2009 Stream of Ideas

Blue Living Ideas, October 16, 2009 Imagine H20: Turning The World’s Water Problems Into Opportunities

Imagine H2O's Partner Events feature water innovation perspectives from our community of startups, investors, beta customers and leaders.



California Water Policy Forum Feb 9 / Sacramento, CA

Water Gala '16 Mar 16 / San Francisco, CA

WaterNow Alliance Summit Mar 30-31 / Tempe, AZ

World Forum For FDI April 3-6 / San Diego, CA

2016 CMUA Conference April 10-12 / San Francisco, CA

E2: Count Every Drop April 14 / Los Angeles, CA

2016 CWEA Conference April 26-29 / Santa Clara, CA 

BlueTech Forum 2016 Jun 1 / San Francisco, CA

ACE'16 Innovation Pavilion Jun 19-22 / Chicago, IL

VERGE 2016 Sept 19-22 / Santa Clara, CA

WEFTEC '16 Innovation Pavilion Sept 24-28 / New Orleans, LA

2nd Annual Symposium on Water & Long Term Value Oct 5-6 / San Francisco, CA

WaterSmart Innovations 2016 Oct 5-7 / Las Vegas, NV


Featured Partner Event



Water Infrastructure Summit NYC April 24 / Columbia University

National Day of Civic Hacking - Water Hackathon June 5-7 / San Francisco
w/ Code for America

Governor's Summit on Water Technology & the California Drought  July 10 / Sacramento, CA

Cleantech Group Water Innovation Summit Sept 22-23 / Berkeley, CA

WEFTEC Innovation Pavilion Sept 26-30 / Chicago, IL

SXSW Eco Oct 5-7 / Austin, TX

WaterSmart Innovations Oct 7-9 / Las Vegas, NV

American Water Summit Oct 20-21 / Denver, CO

VERGE Oct 26-29 / San Jose, CA


Job Opportunity:

Program Manager

Posted Aug 3, 2016

Imagine H2O, the water innovation accelerator, is looking for a rockstar to join our team as we scale the leading ecosystem for water innovation and entrepreneurship. Imagine H2O’s track record of supporting innovative solutions and startups, combined with an increasing awareness of water challenges, uniquely positions the organization for growth and impact. You will be joining Imagine H2O at an exciting time.

The Program Manager will play an integral role in overseeing the execution and success of our annual startup accelerator and policy program. You are an excellent communicator, a lover of metrics, happy with a wide variety of responsibilities to own, and happiest when working in environments where you are rewarded for your initiative.

We know the right person when we meet them, but you check most of these boxes:

  • A passion for water issues and entrepreneurship
  • A team player with a fun and engaging personality
  • Strong communications skills and an ability to engage diverse audiences
  • Attention to detail and willingness to execute operational tasks
  •  Highly organized, and an ability to direct yourself and others according to a timeline
  • A willingness to work with a lean team—we have an outsized impact with an undersized headcount.
  • Experience organizing and leading events, programs or projects
  • You’ll cover a lot of ground every day, and a lot will be asked of you (we support each other so it’s fun, not scary).
  • A desire for solutions both externally to the water sector and internal to Imagine H2O
  • Undergraduate degree with at least 2 years of professional experience – or a masters degree in a relevant field

Key responsibilities include:

  • Managing program operations including participant outreach and engagement
  • Managing strategic partnerships and customer account relationships

  • Implementing program analytics and reporting

  • External communications (written and speaking)

Send a resume and short essay to by October 30, 2016. We ask that you title your resume as “Name_Resume_IH2O-PM” and essay as “Name_Essay_IH2O-PM” Please include your LinkedIn profile and join the discussion while you’re at it!

In your essay, please answer this question in 300 words or less: “How have you managed a diverse group of stakeholders in the past? What did you do well? What would you improve?”