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Rengarajan Ramesh
Wasserstein & Co

Steven Kloos 
True North Venture Partners

David Henderson 
XPV Capital

John Schroeder
Marmon Water, a Berkshire Hathaway Company

Mark Silverman
Catamount Ventures


Scientific Advisory Council

Dr. Rengarajan Ramesh Council Chair
Managing Director
Wasserstein & Co

Dr. Johan Grön
Vice President, Head of Dewatering Business Line

Dr. Slav Hermanowicz
Professor of Environmental Engineering
University of California at Berkeley and
National High-End Foreign Expert of China
Tongji University, Shanghai

Dr. Peter Jaffe
Professor of Civil and
Environmental Engineering
Princeton University 

Dr. Perry McCarty
Silas H. Palmer Professor Emeritus
Environmental Engineering and Science
Stanford University


Rebeca Hwang 
Rivet Ventures

Mike Reardon
Triwater Holdings

Tom Pokorsky
Aquarius Technologies Inc.

Fred Wang
Trinity Ventures

Andre Perold
High Vista Strategies



Dr. Manian Ramesh
former Chief Technology Officer
Water & Energy Services, Nalco

Dr. Philip Rolchigo  
Vice President of Technology

Dr. Kartik Chandran
Director, Biomolecular Environmental Sciences Program
Columbia University

Dr. Thomas Stanley 
Chief Technology Officer
GE Water and Process Technologies


Policy ADVISORY Council

Roxanne Qualls
Former Mayor of Cincinnati

Brad Udall
Colorado Water Institute

Jeanette Brown
Manhattan College

Lynn Broaddus Council Chair
President, Broadview Collective

Buzz Thompson
Stanford University

Rebecca West
Spartanburg Water


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