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We believe that water is solvable—and we do everything we can to make innovation accessible to those that need it.

Meet Imagine H2O Asia Cohort 5
Our Purpose

Imagine H2O envisions and builds solutions with the world’s best water entrepreneurs

Our zero-equity model connects startups with everything they need to thrive.

What we do
Aerial view of wastewater treatment plant
Sustaining a global pipeline of promising water startups
  • We identify the world’s best water entrepreneurs and help them level up.
Building solutions as collaborative partners
  • We equip our entrepreneurs with sector-specific guidance and pilot funding.
Developing a stronger, more connected water sector
  • We create trusted networks that accelerate the adoption of new technology.

Pilot Support

We deploy pilot funding to de-risk and accelerate the adoption of innovative water solutions.

Barriers to adopt new technologies are high due to risk aversion and financial constraints.

We provide catalytic capital and technical support to overcome these challenges and jumpstart innovation projects.

Deploying pilot funding alongside our startup accelerator programs
Our startup accelerators build a pipeline of pilot-ready solutions and support entrepreneurs through the pilot design process.

Monitoring our impact on water-stressed communities
17 pilot projects were co-funded globally in 2023. Learn more about our latest projects here.

Expanding our pilot support work in 2024
We will be launching the Water Innovation Pilot Fund in Q2. Fund supporters include Oceankind and The Coca-Cola Foundation.


Our Impact

Over a decade of innovative water solutions

Every additional startup strengthens our global ecosystem of partners, resources, and insights. Our startups advancing circularity and efficiency, expanding equity, improving health, and tackling climate change. 

Explore our impact
startups from 20 countries
raised by our startups
in deployment funding, supporting 78 projects in 22 countries
Tech Adopters
Fluid Robotics Robot
For Startups

We’re the go-to partner for developing, piloting, and scaling solutions

We cultivate and sustain a global ecosystem that powers our startups’ success.

Imagine H2O Accelerator

The Imagine H2O Accelerator equips early-stage water entrepreneurs with the resources they need to develop their solutions, commercialize their technologies, and enter new markets.

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Imagine H2O Asia

Imagine H2O Asia unlocks water innovation across the region, helping startups access new markets, partners, and pilot support from our Singapore hub.

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Urban Water Challenge

The Urban Water Challenge provides comprehensive support for entrepreneurs who are ready to launch and scale solutions that will transform the future of water in coastal cities.

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Our Tech Adopters

Our Tech Adopters make our work possible

Our partners are helping us lead the way to a stronger, more resilient water sector.

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Case Study

Imagine H2O partnered with SmartTerra throughout its startup journey – supporting it from product development to market expansion


Urban Water Challenge I, Imagine H2O Asia 2

Focus Area

Water Efficiency

From prototype to pilot
In 2018, SmartTerra received funding from IH2O’s Urban Water Challenge to pilot an early prototype of their AI-enabled non-revenue water reduction solution. Armed with a successful reference case, SmartTerra was able to iterate on their solution while unlocking new opportunities in other Indian cities. 

Expanding outside of India
After gaining traction in their home market, SmartTerra joined IH2O Asia to identify a landing pad in the wider region resulting in their first pilot in the Philippines. Through a IH2O Asia-World Bank partnership, SmartTerra received on-the-ground support to validate their solution with two small public utilities in the country.

Scaling across the region
IH2O and SmartTerra incorporated the technical and operational learnings from that trial to secure paid pilots with new utilities in the Philippines. With the launch of IH2O’s partnership with The Coca-Cola Foundation in 2023, SmartTerra is now also conducting a multi-city deployment in Indonesia.

Imagine H2O makes water innovation possible. They sort through the best of the best and provide truly valuable solutions to the water sector.
Megan Glover CEO & Co-Founder, 120Water
Innovation is critical to meeting our immediate water challenges, and will become more important with the inevitable curveball of climate change. Imagine H2O is a leading convenor and voice, effectively elevating solutions that create a resilient water future.
Felicia Marcus Former Chair, California State Water Resources Control Board
It’s easy to talk about how hard technology development for water and wastewater applications can be; few voices ever offer real solutions or optimism about facing those challenges. The Imagine H2O community combines the passion for our shared environmental mission with actionable insight about building businesses that drive impact.
Alex Rappaport CEO & Co-Founder, ZwitterCo
Innovation in water is vital but challenging. Imagine H2O gets it right in convening the best and the brightest entrepreneurs alongside innovative tech adopters, influencers, and the right sources of capital in a productive, engaging and fun space. That is what’s needed to move our sector forward.
Ifetayo Venner Wastewater Treatment Service Line Leader, Arcadis
Imagine H2O consistently uncovers and nurtures technologies and leadership teams that will drive the industry forward. I have been truly honored to be a part of Imagine H2O for more than ten years. It is exciting—and deeply gratifying—to work with top innovators in the water sector and with such an impressive group of judges, who bring their wide range of technical and business knowledge to our common goal of transforming the future of water.
Debra Coy Advisor, XPV Water Partners
Our Portfolio

Meet the world’s leading water innovators

Our entrepreneurs are transforming how water is used, reused, treated, and accessed.

Explore our portfolio

Solinas Integrity

Solinas Integrity


Suite of robotic solutions in the pipeline and sanitation industry which include semi-automated septic tank cleaning robots that homogenise hard sludge to create a pumpable slurry to minimize human interaction with waste. System can reach tank depths between 5-7m, and reduce slurry particle size to 40-50mm. Other solution offerings include water leak reduction and pipeline condition monitoring.



Programs participated

Imagine H2O Asia

Atlantis Technologies

Atlantis Technologies

Cost-effective water desalination


Accelerator 2011

Pure Active Water

Pure Active Water

Long-lasting chemical-free disinfection system that produces less sub-products and efficiently generates oxidants at one-tenth the concentration compared to chlorine disinfection, eliminating biofilm and preventing recontamination.


IH2O Asia 2021



Simplified manufacturing process of hollowfibre nanofiltration membranes (NanoPure) with selective surface charge for precise filtration

Ongoing projects in Myanmar, China and France; >50% OPEX and up to 30% CAPEX savings compared to RO systems

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Programs participated

Imagine H2O Asia