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Discover and Connect With Top Water Solutions at Imagine H2O’s Accelerator Demo Day


Date: July 30th  | Time: 8:30 – 10:00 AM PST |  Format: Virtual

Mark your calendars for July 30th and join Imagine H2O’s Virtual Demo Day. 

Water scarcity, pollution, and aging infrastructure are some of the pressing challenges our world faces today. But innovative solutions and entrepreneurial minds are working tirelessly to tackle these issues head-on. 

This year’s Accelerator cohort represents Imagine H2O’s impact priorities and global reach as well as technologies and solutions gaining significant market interest. Communities, ecosystems, utilities, and businesses alike stand to benefit from these solutions!

We are thrilled to showcase the 10 water startups of the Accelerator cohort as they present their cutting-edge solutions and demonstrate their progress.

  • CANN Forecast utilizes artificial intelligence and real-time data analytics to predict sewer wastewater levels based on past floods, providing early warnings for potential flooding risks and helping cities to safeguard people, buildings, and the environment.
  • Capta Hydro’s specialized hardware and software solutions empower infrastructure managers with better tools to capture, analyze, and manage surface water data – leading to improved water distribution management and millions of cubic meters of water reclaimed.
  • CREW Carbon’s patented hardware and sensor technology speeds up naturally occurring weathering reactions to remove CO2 and other greenhouse gasses produced in the wastewater treatment process, generating permanent and measurable carbon removal credits.
  • FTD solutions is revolutionizing industrial water management through their patented algorithm and customizable platform that visualizes and standardizes water systems data while empowering multi-site enterprises to develop, implement, and monitor water conservation solutions.
  • OceanWell’s modular subsea water farm technology harnesses hydrostatic ocean pressure at depths exceeding 400m to naturally power a reverse osmosis process, producing fresh water with improved energy efficiency, no onshore plants, and a benign brine outfall.
  • Open Hydro aids utilities in achieving their net-zero targets by utilizing AI and satellite data to monitor the impact of nature-based solutions on reservoir emissions. This technology establishes a direct correlation between improvements and emissions reduction, thereby driving tangible advancements in sustainability efforts.
  • SampleServe‘s digital platform streamlines workflows for all stakeholders – from field technicians to corporate environmental managers – yielding substantial time and cost savings. Through optimized scheduling, chain-of-custody, data management, and reporting, their platform ties all users and data into a central database, allowing for the generation of actionable reports in seconds.
  • Subeca’s simple-to-use IoT solution provides real-time monitoring and data analytics capabilities, empowering utilities to collect and analyze data from diverse sources, thereby improving water consumption management, operational management, and regulatory compliance.
  • WASE’s patent-pending electro-methanogenic reactor technology treats wastewater and sludge on-site and generates energy-dense biogas as a byproduct.
  • Wonderkid facilitates access to improved water and sanitation services for millions of Africans by connecting them with service providers and empowering the providers with innovative, affordable, digital tools for data-driven decision-making.

Whether you are an investor or a customer, this Demo Day offers you a unique opportunity to gain insights into the latest water technologies and partner with leading water companies. 

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CREW Carbon
FTD solutions
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