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Imagine H2O selects 12-15 water technology startups globally to participate in the annual Accelerator. Imagine H2O's year-long program provides remote access to mentors, in-person marketing and visibility activities, and introductions to a global network of customers and investors. Participants are not required to relocate. 

Applications are now open for the 2020 Accelerator

Explore the overview, and register below. Scroll down to meet the 2019 Accelerator companies, and for more details on the program.



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Meet the 2019 Accelerator Companies

13 companies were selected from a global field of 250+ water startups from 46 countries

“On World Water Day, Imagine H2O Celebrates the Visionary Entrepreneurs in its 10th Annual Accelerator”


2019 Winner

2019 Runner-Up

2019 Runner-Up

2019 Accelerator Company

2019 Accelerator Company

2019 Accelerator Company

2019 Accelerator Company

2019 Accelerator Company

2019 Accelerator Company

2019 Accelerator Company

2019 Accelerator Company

Demo Day Audience Choice Award


2019 Accelerator Company




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A Virtual Accelerator and Customer Validation Platform

Startups benefit from the resources to secure financing, boost market visibility and identify deployment opportunities globally

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What Imagine H2O’s Entrepreneurs Say


Megan Glover, CEO, 120WaterAudit (IH2O ‘19)

We knew that being a part of the 2019 accelerator was something special but participating in Water Innovation Week and seeing the global network in action...wow!

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JIM CHU, CEO & Founder, DloHaiti / Untapped (IH2O ‘13)

Imagine H2O has been a long-term and unfaltering supporter since we became part of their program in 2013. Even in 2019, their team is ready to support our growth.


Sivan Sidney Cohen, CEO, Noria Water Technologies (IH2O ‘19)

I couldn't think of a more worthwhile endeavor as a business owner in the water space than to be participating in the Imagine H2O accelerator program.


Orianna Bretschger, CEO Aquacycl (IH2O ‘18)

Imagine H2O's Water Innovation Week resulted in more useful introductions to customers, investors and potential partners than we were able to achieve in over one year of operations.

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Alex Rappaport, CEO, ZwitterCo (IH2O ‘19)

The Imagine H2O community combined the passion for our shared environmental mission with actionable insights about building water technology businesses that drive impact.


Emily Hicks, President, FREDsense Technologies (IH2O ‘18)

Imagine H2O's accelerator fundamentally changed the way we thought about growing our business. The program is an absolute must for any entrepreneur in this industry.



2018-2019 Judging Team


Steve Kloos   |    True North Venture Partners

Catherine Ricou   |   Suez

Chris Morrison   |   Morrison Water

Debra Coy   |   XPV Water Partners

Andy Wheeler   |   GV

Paul Gagliardo   |   Gagliacqua

Adam Tank   |   Organica

Nick Dyner   |   Moleaer

Snehal Desai   |   Evoqua

Gary Kremen   |   Santa Clara Valley Water District

Mitchell Presser   |   Freshfields

Pierre Côté   |   COTE Membrane Separation

Sameer Mithal   |   Deloitte

Patrick Flynn  |   Salesforce

Christoph Kullman  |   Xylem

Jonathan Cato  |  Suez

Leslie Shoemaker   |   Tetra Tech

Peter Wiliams   |   Independent             

Karen Golmer   |   MIT

Graeme Jarvis   |   Johnson Controls

Biju George   |   DC Water

Sead Bajrovic   |   Grundfos

Helge Daebel   |   Emerald Technology Ventures

Andy Wales   |   BT

Dr. Dirk Brusis   |   Skion

Dr. Reinhard Hübner  |   Skion

Henrik Laursen   |   AMI Global

Michael Sesko   |   Formerly Climate Corp

Nicole Neeman Brady   |   Renewable Resources Group

Paolo Zacchi  |   Xylem

Josh Haacker  |   Muldrow Partners

Usha Rao-Monari  |   Blackstone