Imagine if Dhaka, the world’s most densely populated megacity, could provide access to safe and affordable drinking water for 100% of its residents?


Dhaka, Bangladesh

Drinkwell enables utilities to provide safe drinking water to underserved urban communities via turnkey Water ATM solutions that combine a patented filtration technology, IOT-enabled operations and pay-as-you-go cards. The Challenge will support Drinkwell as they expand into Chittagong, Bangladesh’s second largest city. 

Imagine if cities and households across the United States could access low-cost, in-home water quality results to uncover potential threats in real-time? 


Denver, CO

The Waterlyzer from Microlyze is an on-demand, in-home testing device that provides high-accuracy water quality results in real-time to detect contamination outbreaks early across a range of parameters and empower utilities to take action faster. The Challenge will enable Microlyze to accelerate pilots in 500-home communities across major cities in the United States.

Imagine if fast-growing cities in India transitioned from ad-hoc operations to online, predictive management to reduce waste and reinvest in their communities?


Bengaluru, India

SmartTerra’s AI-powered water intelligence platform equips cities with the tools for data-driven decision making to identify service failures, disruptions and opportunities for infrastructure upgrades. The Challenge will fund pilots with two cities in the Indian state of Telangana.