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DigitalPaani: Revolutionizing Water Through Innovation and Deployment Funding

When it comes to water innovation, bright ideas alone are not enough. We need the resources to bring these ideas to life, transforming them into real-world solutions that can address our most pressing water challenges. That’s where deployment funding is crucial, turning innovative concepts into tangible, impactful initiatives.

It was of this need that the Urban Water Challenge, supported by 11th Hour Racing, was born. The Urban Water Challenge connects startups like DigitalPaani, the 2022 “Audience Choice Award Winner”, with deployment funding, mentorships, peer support, and a global network of investors. Together, they form a collaborative ecosystem that brings cutting-edge water innovations to life, driving positive change.

“The pilot funding that we received has allowed us to expand to a new state and set a new precedent for how an entire state can actually be managing its wastewater.”

Mansi Jain

Unleashing the Potential of Wastewater

DigitalPaani’s journey of innovation began at the dinner table, where conversations about tackling climate change evolved into a one-of-a-kind, family-owned business. Driven by the urgent reality of water scarcity and infrastructure challenges, DigitalPaani’s co-founders, father/daughter duo Mansi and Rajesh Jain, embarked on a mission to redefine the future of water through their unique platform that enables wastewater facilities to become effective and efficient, meeting the ever-growing demand for safe water. 

“Water is actually running out. At the same time, our infrastructure is not working. That’s why we decided to start this company.”

Mansi Jain, pictured left with father, Rajesh Jain

DigitalPaani’s pilot project in Goa serves as a perfect example of the transformative power of deployment funding. 70% of urban water needs can be met through wastewater, and through the Urban Water Challenge support DigitalPanni received, we are one step closer to a water secure future.

During their pilot, DigitalPaani was able to expand its operations and set a new benchmark for effective wastewater management. Through their unique platform, 100% of the wastewater facilities they deployed in became more efficient and effective, resulting in increased availability of clean water in a country where demand continues to rise.

Not only were those facilities able to meet basic water quality requirements, but DigitalPaani’s technology helped them to cut costs by 20% to 35%. A win for both the environment and the bottom line!

Join us in celebrating the 2022 “Audience Choice Award Winner”, DigitalPaani, and follow their journey as they transform the future of wastewater.  

Deployment Funding Drives Innovation

The Urban Water Challenge (UWC), powered by 11th Hour Racing, plays a pivotal role in supporting startups like DigitalPaani. By fostering a collaborative ecosystem and providing essential resources, UWC empowers water innovators to bring their ideas to fruition, advancing water efficiency and circularity in Goa and beyond. DigitalPaani’s pilot project in Goa demonstrates the transformative impact of deployment funding, bringing cutting-edge solutions to the right market at the right time.