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Employee Spotlight

Ever wondered about Ellie?

Look no further

This page has everything you need to know. Ellie is 27 years old and lives in San Francisco, CA. She grew up in Boston, MA. She is the Program Manager at Imagine H2O.


It all started in 1994

Some highlights

She has lived a pretty good life!

  • Born in Boston
  • Grew up in Dedham
  • Had a puppy
Teenage Years
  • Went away to high school
  • Played sports
  • Peaked at age 18
College Years
  • Studied hard
  • Made good friends
  • Played club squash
Post-college years
  • Moved to DC
  • Worked in impact investing
  • Felt important living in our nation’s capital
SF Life
  • Lived in North Beach and Pac Heights
  • Works at IH2O
  • Does lots of outdoor activities
All about Ellie

What she likes and dislikes

Get to know her!

Playing Golf

With her family in Florida

She does this all the time

Swimming in the ocean

Ellie does this every day

She is afraid of sharks

Playing tennis

She isn’t very good

But she gives it her best shot

Case Studies

Ellie goes on a trip!


Accel 21

Programs participated

Accel 21, Accel 20, Accel 19

Ellie took this bus across the country. She stopped at lots of fun places along the way.

“I had so much fun!”
Ellie Barker Herself Imagine H2O
Ellie talks about the launch of Imagine H2O’s Cohort 2! She is basically a movie star. Hollywood, here she comes 🙂