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Why do we focus on water?

Water is a theme, not an industry. It is intrinsically linked to food, public health, infrastructure, and energy. Investing in water should be a universal priority, but it’s often overlooked. We use our experience and global reach to bring more attention and capital to the best new water solutions.

Why do we need more investors? 

Less than 1% of all venture capital flows into the water innovation market. Government programs and philanthropic initiatives, while important, still don’t reflect the overall need. Even for the best entrepreneurs, finding and securing the right capital takes a great deal of time and energy. That’s where our investor network comes in.

We are mobilizing capital: our startups have raised over $1B and counting. 

As the leading accelerator in water, we solve our most complex challenges by catalyzing entrepreneurship and mobilizing financial capital. Our growing investor network includes angel investors, strategics, venture funds, family offices, bilaterals, impact investors, and project finance firms committed to backing the best new solutions. 

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Notable exits

We are proud of our alumni who continue to raise capital and provide value to corporate partners.

What Our Investors Say
Clean Energy Ventures has an investment mandate of only investing in technologies that can reduce or mitigate at least 2.5Gt (CO2e) of GHG by 2050. We also only invest in technologies that can scale with less than $30M required to achieve clear market adoption. We have been looking at companies in the energy/water nexus for several years and consider IH2O the essential source of innovative companies.
Temple Fennel Temple Fennel, Clean Energy Ventures
What Our Investors Say
Westly invests in sustainability and climate resilience, and we believe that solutions around water have a huge role to play. Imagine H2O is our go-to organization for innovative technologies and trends in the water sector. Their portfolio is second to none and we are always impressed with the caliber of entrepreneurs that come through their programs.
Tim Wang Managing Partner, Westly Group
What Our Investors Say
As a water investor, I witness firsthand the need for innovation but also recognize how difficult it is to bring new technologies to market. Enter Imagine H2O – one of the best programs for water entrepreneurs that want to make their ideas a reality.
Dr. Reinhard Hübner CEO, SKion Water GmbH
What Our Investors Say
UMI’s vision is to invest in outstanding technologies related to materials/chemicals that can compete in the global arena. Water is a new focus area for us, and our stakeholders have a growing interest in the sector. Imagine H2O has been a great partner, introducing us to cutting-edge startups and providing various market insights and trends.
Yosuke Yamamoto Director, UMI

Case Study

Erin Rothman is creating the Google maps for sewers


Imagine H2O Accelerator 2019, Urban Water Challenge II

Focus Area

Stormwater and Flood Control

Stormsensor participated in the Urban Water Challenge and deployed its technology in Jersey City, NJ. With new evidence for the true potential of the solution, Stormsensor was selected for the Accelerator program. Erin’s investment round was set to close the night before the market crashed in March 2020, and key investors withdrew. Instead of giving up, she worked with Imagine H2O to rebuild her investor pipeline—and successfully closed a $2M investment round in April. 

Erin proved that she has the grit and the expertise to bring her company to new levels of success. Stormsensor was ultimately selected as the top company in the Accelerator cohort, and received an additional deployment award. Erin is now piloting her technology with the City of Detroit.

Imagine H2O is far and away the most impactful team I’ve worked with in water. I cannot recommend them enough!
Erin Rothman CEO and Co-founder