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Every month, we highlight founders from our Portfolio of 196 startups that are revolutionizing water. See the founder features below.


 Meet Orianna Bretschger, an entrepreneur who has dedicated her career to ensuring reliable, efficient and cost-effective wastewater treatment. This is foundational to her company, Aquacycl, which has been leading innovation in wastewater treatment and decarbonization of the water sector since 2016. At its core, Aquacycl is driving cost-effective solutions for industrial wastewater treatment and greenhouse gas mitigation.

Featured in our latest Deep Dive on the decarbonization of the water sector, Orianna lent her expertise to how water is often left out of the decarbonization conversation. With approximately 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions stemming from water use, storage, distribution and wastewater treatment, decarbonization of the water sector is at the top of everyone’s watch list. Click the image to read on.

Away from the CEO desk, Orianna enjoys water in its natural form by standup paddleboarding. Her connection with water isn’t just professional; it’s personal, rooted in the simple joys of nature. She also tunes into the The Stream podcast (with our friends Will Sarni and Tom Freyberg) to stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving water landscape.

Interested in learning more? Connect with Orianna and her team.


Meet Matthew Rosenthal, the visionary co-founder and CEO behind SewerAI, a company bringing 21st-century technology to support aging infrastructure. 

For most of us, wastewater infrastructure remains hidden underground, out of sight and out of mind. It’s easy to forget the massive distribution systems, both public and private, that support this essential backbone of modern life. Matthew reminds us, “Infrastructure is what made this all possible.”

SewerAI makes what’s underground visible and understandable through its powerful digital tools for the sewer industry, driven by computer vision AI, cloud computing, and 3D photogrammetry. Matthew envisions a future where drainage infrastructure management becomes a seamless and efficient process. He understands the dedication of those working diligently to ensure our wastewater and stormwater systems run smoothly, and believes in optimizing every aspect to make their vital work even more efficient. “People are still out there doing the hard work and making decisions, but anything and everything that can be optimized to improve their jobs should be done.”

Beyond the world of technology and innovation, Matthew finds solace in the natural wonders of water. His favorite way to embrace this fundamental element is by snorkeling in coral reefs, immersing himself in the serene beauty that water has to offer. He has also recently found inspiration in the film Waterworld with Kevin Costner. This cinematic journey resonates with the challenges and importance of water in our world, mirroring the innovative spirit of SewerAI.

Connect with Matthew and explore SewerAI’s mission online at www.sewerai.com, or in person at WEFTEC 2023 in Chicago at Booth #7544.

Founder Feature: Matt Rosenthal


Introducing Moh Sherafatmand, the visionary Founder & CEO of Hydroleap, a trailblazing company redefining water treatment with cutting-edge, chemical-free technologies. With an unyielding passion for ensuring water accessibility for every being, humans and animals alike, Moh is on a mission to revolutionize how wastewater is treated. 

Moh’s fascination with water extends to the media, where he’s recently been hooked on Netflix’s “Explained, World Water Crisis”, which dives into the ongoing challenges of water management. As the driving force behind Hydroleap, Moh’s company is all about reimagining water treatment methods. Through their chemical-free solutions, they’re not only revolutionizing the industry but also actively contributing to a sustainable and healthier future. Discover Hydroleap’s pioneering solutions.

Hydroleap’s journey is just getting started and their mission is to see their innovative solutions adopted into new sectors and new geographies within Asia Pacific. Hydroleap closed their Series A round earlier this year and is entering a phase of new growth dimensions. Interested in joining Moh and the Hydroleap team? They’re hiring!  

Want to bring an innovative technology to your wastewater treatment processes? Connect with Moh Sherafatmand directly at sherafatmand@hydroleap.com.

Founder Feature: Moh Sherafatmand

120 Water

Meet Megan Glover, the incredible CEO and Co-founder of 120Water! 

Megan leads the charge on the company’s mission to revolutionize water management and ensure clean, safe drinking water for all! Her vision of a digital water world that leverages technology to proactively manage water systems sets the stage for a sustainable and healthier future.

“The ideal future of water is lead-free,” says Megan. “It’s Digital. The future of water is being able to use technology to proactively run our water systems versus manage through regulatory exceedance. The future of water has customers versus rate payers and can communicate the value of safe drinking water effectively.”

When she’s not busy running the show at 120Water, Megan recharges on the water, swimming, boating, and water skiing. You can also catch her listening to the @Waters Values Podcast, keeping her up-to-date with the latest insights in the field.

120Water provides a software and services platform that drinking water professionals use to manage LCRR and other water quality compliance programs. Are you passionate about water innovation and compliance? Want to be part of Megan’s team and contribute to a water-safe future? 120Water is hiring!

We’ve loved working with Megan and her team- we know would too! Reach out to her at megan@120water.com.

Founder Feature: Megan Glover