Founding Partners


Enterprise Singapore is a government agency championing enterprise development. The agency builds local enterprise capabilities in order to innovate and internationalise as well as supporting the growth of Singapore as a hub for global trading and startups.


Additional Founding Partners will be announced in May 2019



Imagine H2O Asia Advisory Council


The program’s design and development is supported by a select group of industry executives, market experts and investors:

Steve Kloos (Partner, True North Venture Partners)

Rodney Chapin (CEO, Ardurra International)

Geoffrey Yeo (Director, Urban Solutions, Enterprise Singapore)

Nick Dyner (CEO, Moleaer)

Prashant Pundrik (Director, Athena Cleantech)

Kunal Shah (VP, Global Market Development, Anaergia)

Michael Froud (Managing Director, Resonance Fund)

Li Phin Tam-Lim (Director, EWTCOI)

Irwan Dinata (Managing Director, Moya Holdings Asia Limited)



Select Ecosystem Network Partners


Imagine H2O Asia’s Ecosystem Network Partners include industrial and municipal end-users committed to deploying water innovation across Southeast Asia and the wider region. View a full list Imagine H2O Beta Partners here

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2019 Accelerator Partners

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