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Scott Bryan featured in (DON’T!) WASTE WATER PODCAST

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President of Imagine H2O, the world’s leading Water Innovation Accelerator — with $800+M raised in early-stage funding and 1.1 billion people (and counting) served — recently spoke to Antoine Walter. Listen to the Podcast on Apple Music or Spotify

Topics Covered include:

  • How Imagine H2O’s Alumni network now extends to 168 portfolio companies in 20 countries
  • How Imagine H2O launched in 2008, creating the water innovation accelerator concept from scratch
  • How the organization’s concept first was a Business Model contest, how it pivoted from there, and why
  • How Imagine H2O swiftly realized that to accelerate water technologies they had to work on water technology adoption
  • How only 1% of climate tech venture investments flow to water today and why it is problematic
  • How Imagine H2O’s non-profit business model works, and who the organization partners with to maximize its impact
  • How market competitors can incredibly work together to take new solutions off the ground
  • How entrepreneurs entering from other sectors bring a breath of fresh air and how fun it is to work with them
  • How sometimes, entrepreneurs hang around a little longer than they should in the Water Industry
  • How some valuations we currently see in the Water Sector can be detrimental to both the founder and the investor
  • How the booming accelerator playground offers incredible resources for entrepreneurs while also reaching some boundaries
  • Focus being the name of the game, the criterion to work with Imagine H2O, the most important thing to look at as a water entrepreneur, water as a global opportunity and a local market, scaling up, building for the long-term… and much more!