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Building Win-Win Utility-Startup Partnerships for Innovation Access in Asia

August 29, 2022 | 11 AM – 1230 PM (GMT +2)
World Water Week, Stockholm | Room 453
Onsite & Online Session
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An interactive workshop hosted at World Water Week

Where do startups get it right, and where do they go wrong?

How do utilities identify, design and fund early collaborations with startups?

What conditions enable these partnerships to eventually move from pilot to scale?

Learn from three entrepreneurs and their partners deploying innovative solutions with utilities across the Asia-Pacific

This session will cover three projects supported by the Water Technology Access Partnership (WTAP), a new pilot funding and innovation learning platform led by the World Bank and Imagine H2O Asia.

Each case study will explore a key theme that has enabled a win-win utility-startup partnership to launch and scale. Themes include:


Drinkwell’s Water ATMs and small-piped water networks

Building an innovative PPP-driven business model to share risk and create win-win economics between utility and startup

Solution Design

SmartTerra’s AI-powered analytics for non-revenue water loss reduction 

Designing a modular solution that can be readily localized and integrated into existing workflows across different utilities and geographies

Local Support

AquAffirm’s real-time digital arsenic sensor and analytics platform 

Empowering local partners to support product-market fit, community buy-in and technology validation for early-stage startups


David Sarphie


Gokul Krishna Govindu

Hifza Rasheed
Pakistan Council of Research on Water Resources

Lucy Lytton
World Bank

Minhaj Chowdhury 


Nimesh Modak
Imagine H2O Asia

Soma Ghosh Moulik
World Bank

Shelley McMillan 
World Bank

1. Introducing WTAP
Overview of the Water Technology Access Partnership, a joint initiative between the World Bank and IH2O Asia

2. Partnerships Overview
Three (3) lightning presentations of WTAP innovation case studies co-presented by both startup and end-user, with Q&A included

3. Discussion Roundtables
Breakout discussions facilitated by case study presenters to explore lessons learned and pathways moving forward

4. Reporting Back
Audience shares findings to be documented and disseminated as post-session summaries

Mark your calendars for August 29
11 AM – 1230 PM | Room 453

RSVP here

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