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The Leading Water Startup Accelerator has Arrived in the Asia-Pacific — Apply Today!

Imagine H2O Asia has launched its second annual accelerator program. After a successful first cohort, this year’s expanded program will support up to 10 entrepreneurs launch and scale their water technology startups across Southeast Asia. Apprehensive about applying? Here’s 7 reasons why you shouldn’t miss out!

1 Singapore provides a powerful springboard for water startups
Imagine H2O has been picking the top companies in the water sector since 2009, so when we select a startup, the industry takes notice. We’re bringing our track record to Southeast Asia via Singapore, a leader in water innovation and prime testing ground for new technologies. In 2019, Imagine H2O Asia supported 8 water technology startups from North America, Europe and Singapore as they developed their businesses in the region. Now they are pursuing numerous sales leads across neighboring markets and exploring opportunities to register a regional presence in Singapore.

2 A larger cohort and deeper resources driving faster growth
Our roots in the Singapore water ecosystem are now well-established. Imagine H2O Asia is positioned to support more startups with more resources in 2020. What’s in store for the new cohort? Showcasing at Singapore International Water Week, increased pilot funding awards, travel support for customer discovery, and access to a growing network of industry executives and market experts as mentors. All of this for no equity (Yes, really).

3 A growing network of supporters and customers
ADB Ventures joins Enterprise Singapore, SUEZ, and Moya Asia for 2020 as program sponsors, enabling greater connectivity to the region. Our Ecosystem Partners Network has grown to 16 industry and utility members and counting. Our first Demo Day in 2019 was sold out with attendance from across Singapore’s water sector, and we’re expecting a similarly daunting stampede for Demo Day 2020.

4 Co-benefit from our flagship accelerator
Our cohort not only benefits from our network and programs in Southeast Asia, but also has access to our global network of 60+ Beta Partners, 200+ investors, 140 alumni as well as the accelerator’s international industry events. You’ll also be eligible to apply for the Urban Water Challenge, an innovation competition to unlock even more pilot funding.

5 Transition from a tech startup to a water tech startup
Water curious? Think your technology could potentially be applied to the water industry? We’re here to help. Some of our companies started off with water not being their primary market focus. They still were dipping their toe in the sector (sorry, I know). Now their entire business model has shifted to the water sector because of new opportunities identified through the program. Just food for thought.

6 We’re interested in you even if you don’t make it into our cohort!
Don’t think you’ve made enough progress to get selected into the program? There is still value in applying. We follow top applicants and their progress over time regardless of them being selected. Many also tell us the application itself is a useful tool to improve how they frame their business and hone their value proposition moving forward. Bonus — we also flag top-tier applicants to our partners. So even if you aren’t selected for the 2020 cohort, our partners take notice and follow your progress as well!

7 The Imagine H2O way
Imagine H2O’s companies have secured more than $500M in investment since 2009. $300M of this has come in the last 2 years. We have a survival rate of over 75%. We have awarded $1M in pilot funding to date. Imagine H2O’s process works and there is nowhere better for you to grow your company. We judge you based on the quality of thought not how far along you are. So whether you’re already operating in Southeast Asia, or you’re looking to bridge your company to the region for the first time, let us know. Out of small acorns, mighty oaks. Or something.

Learn more at www.imagineh2o.org/ih2oasia

Still not convinced?

Hear from some of our 2019 entrepreneurs and advisors.

“Imagine H2O far exceeded any expectations that I had. Our company is at a very early stage and the amount of help that we received was unbelievable. If we do succeed in the Southeast Asian market, it will be due to all of the help we received from all of the members of the Imagine H2O Asia team.”

Gary Andersen, CTO, Veracet

“Imagine H2O Asia’s Water Innovation Week provided insightful perspectives on doing business in water in the region. It is unlikely that we would have ever been able to reach the same caliber of potential clients, partners and investors without the support of the Imagine H2O team and this event.”

Craig Thomson, COO, Pani Energy

“Across Southeast Asia, the appetite for water innovation is growing. Imagine H2O Asia is playing a vital role at a crucial time, preparing new technologies for market-entry across the region”

Kunal Shah, Managing Director, Anaergia & Imagine H2O Asia Advisor