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Why we rebranded

Gybe Idaho

Droughts, storms, climate change—issues affecting the water sector are becoming more and more pressing. The world needs transformative solutions that make a real difference. Imagine H2O has created a global ecosystem to lead this charge. It’s time that our brand reflects our vision for the future.

Today, we are excited to introduce a new Imagine H2O, a new brand that speaks to how we approach water issues: with optimism, curiosity, and entrepreneurial grit. This rebrand is grounded in our brand idea that water is solvable. Because we know that the problems surrounding our planet’s most precious resource—water—can be solved by our most precious human resources: ingenuity, commitment, and action.

Today, you will see this new brand come alive in our 2021 Impact Report, new website, and across our digital channels. But our rebrand is more than just a new look and feel; it’s grounded in our purpose to envision and build transformative solutions with the world’s best water entrepreneurs. 

That’s why, for entrepreneurs around the world with transformative ideas for the future of water, Imagine H2O is the go-to partner for developing, piloting, and activating their solutions. We cultivate and sustain a global ecosystem that powers their success. Our new brand is the next phase in building that ecosystem. 

Read our 2021 Impact Report, and find out how we enable entrepreneurs towards this purpose.

It’s time to transform the future of water. Let’s do this.