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World Water Day 2020— COVID-19 underscores the need to come together against global threats

The theme of the 2020 World Water Day is “Water & Climate Change”. One of the UN Water’s key observations is that “everyone has a role to play.” As the world struggles with the fallout of a global pandemic, this feels more true than ever.

Every day, we are seeing profound examples of leadership, courage, innovation, and unprecedented partnerships. From healthcare professionals on the frontlines, data analysis allowing authorities to track infections, to videos showing us how to actually wash our hands, people are stepping up to fight the disease. This, of course, includes the dedication of tens of thousands of professionals who keep our water safe, reliable and plentiful.

While we are not epidemiologists at Imagine H2O, we have a voice that can amplify the stories of innovation in light of COVID-19. So on World Water Day, we pledge to share positive, and enriching stories of the small wins the world is achieving until a solution is found.

The world’s attention is fixed on an invisible pathogen, and rightly so. But World Water Day is a reminder that we must remember another current, broader crisis that transcends international borders — climate change. Water is foundational to our ability to adapt to an inevitably changing climate, as well as mitigate the root causes. It is the medium through which the impacts of climate change will predominantly be felt — #climatechangeiswaterchange

The coming weeks will provide clarity on where this crisis is heading, but the Coronavirus has shown that we can rise collectively and decisively to meet an external threat. We remain committed to empowering people to build water resilient communities in the face of climate change. The innovations that solve our water future must be built now, and there is no time to waste. At Imagine H2O, we will continue to expand the water innovation ecosystem and help entrepreneurs advancing tomorrow’s solutions endure these challenging times.